Hi, I’m Francis Kim.

Web & Mobile Apps, Magento Development, Amazon Web Services, Deep Learning the Financial Markets, Life and everything in-between.


I’m a seasoned Full Stack Developer / Software Engineer & Consultant living in Melbourne, Australia. Magento Development has been my main thing since it launched in 2008. Today the sites I’ve developed bring in a total of over $200M+ each year. For those unfamiliar with what Magento is, it’s the number one Open Source eCommerce software that powers approximately 30% of the online stores worldwide.

I love working closely with clients, and they love being close to the Developer. I create mobile & web apps, chatbots. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Deep Learning is quite hot right now and I’m able to help you and your business figure out how to practically apply it as well.

From Melbourne to Silicon Valley, I’ve consulted a handful bootstrapped and funded startups. Find more about me here.