We deliver what the big agencies don’t.

Apps, Chatbots, Magento Development, eCommerce, Amazon Web Services (aka ‘the cloud’), Machine Learning (TensorFlow) and everything in-between.


We scale up and down as we need to. We’re infinitely scalable and our overheads are zero – the opposite of a Digital Agency. Our developers deliver world-class products from experience, and value for money is a given.

I’m a seasoned Software Engineer & Growth Hacker living in Melbourne, Australia. Magento Development has been my main thing since it launched in 2008, and today the sites I’ve developed bring in a total of over $200M each year, in AUD. For those unfamiliar with what Magento is, it’s the number one Open Source eCommerce software that powers approximately 30% of the online stores worldwide. The figure I believe is higher in Australia.

Besides Magento, I love working closely with clients, and they love being close to the Developer. I create apps, chatbots and even know how to use artificial intelligence / machine learning to an advantage. It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds. We’ve got the best Magento Developers on board as well, including myself.

I have served clients from Silicon Valley to Greece, and of course, the majority are local, Aussie clients. Find more about me here.


We currently have 11 on our team.

Francis Kim

Ivan Dosiak

Julia Bezzubova

Maria Trina Magnaye

Mandurah, Western Australia
Md Royet

Natalia Sumovska

Nikos Mavrikakis

Saryu Agnihotri

Satria Faestha

Set Sargsyan

Williams Mugwagwa

Cape Town