My name is Francis Kim. I’m a Full Stack Developer / Consultant primarily working with Magento and JavaScript related technologies, currently living in Melbourne, Australia. Below is my Instagram feed :)


Quick Intro

I’ve been doing Web Development for over 15 years now… wow! It has been a while :) My career has been mainly focused on eCommerce development so far, working with Magento since 2008, and prior to that I was doing front-end development on an in-house eCommerce framework written in Python, pretty much right out of University (I dropped out from my Bachelor of Computer Science at Sydney University). I have forgotten much of Python though.

Developing in JavaScript has been a lot of fun for me throughout 2015, especially the Node.js stuff. I’ve published a few packages on NPM too.

AWS certified solutions architect & 4 X Magento certified developer

Some certificates I’ve gained over the years


Over the years I’ve picked up skills in (no particular order):

  • PHP
  • Magento Development 😍
  • HTML5 + CSS3
  • Ionic Framework (Cordova/PhoneGap)
  • MEAN Stack, that is:
    • MongoDB
    • Express
    • AngularJS
    • Node.js 😍
  • End-to-end automated testing with Protractor/Selenium, Mocha, Jasimine – they’re all pretty much the same once you get the idea
  • AWS 😍 with things like migration, CDN setup, auto-scaling and elastic load balancing
  • MySQL
  • Apache, Nginx and Varnish (LAMP/LEMP stack)
  • Meteor – yes, I do think this is the future
  • I’m an automation expert
  • Currently learning React
I’m hirable!

I’m always seeking some extra freelance web development or consulting work (at least now) outside of the usual 9 to 5, and also on a constant lookout for what could be my next 9 to 5. If you want to have a chat, or if you need to hire a freelancer – get in touch below :)


DEVANZ is a community that I run for the Developers of Australia and New Zealand. We’re the largest chat community on Slack in A/NZ, feel free to join (100% free) and say hi!

For more information about my career as a Web/eCommerce Developer and the projects I’ve been involved in, please check my LinkedIn as I keep it up to date.

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Francis Kim

I'm primarily a Magento Developer living in Melbourne, Australia. The eCommerce systems I've been involved with generate an estimated AUD 150M+ each year. JavaScript and Hybrid Mobile App Development is another passion of mine - React, Angular, Ionic etc. I'm a firm believer that Meteor is the future.
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