Trust me, I’m an Engineer.

Apps, Chatbots, Magento Development, eCommerce, Amazon Web Services (aka ‘the cloud’), Machine Learning (TensorFlow) and everything in-between.

I’m a seasoned Software Engineer & Growth Hacker living in Melbourne, Australia. Magento Development has been my main thing since it launched in 2008, and today the sites I’ve developed bring in a total of over $200M each year, in AUD. For those unfamiliar with what Magento is, it’s the number one Open Source eCommerce software that powers approximately 30% of the online stores worldwide. The figure I believe is higher in Australia.

Besides Magento, I love working closely with clients, and they love being close to the Developer. I create apps, chatbots and even know how to use artificial intelligence / machine learning to an advantage. It’s actually not as complicated as it sounds.

I have served clients from Silicon Valley to Greece, and of course, the majority are local, Aussie clients. Find more about me here.


I am Francis Kim and Francis Kim is an infinitely scalable team.

We scale up and down as we need to. We’re infinitely scalable and our overheads are zero – the opposite of a Digital Agency. Our developers deliver world-class products from experience, and value for money is a given.


We currently have 6 on our team.

Francis Kim
Bharat Biswal
Md Royet
Jon Johnson
Nikos Mavrikakis
Ruslan Mukhatov