Some facts about me whether interesting or not…

Francis Kim - Full Stack Developer / Consultant

  • My dad was a Researcher / Developer working for the likes of IBM and KAIST back in Korea. He programmed for the ’88 Seoul Olympics.
  • Born in Korea, we migrated to New Zealand when I was 10, then to Australia when I was 15.
  • I wrote my first line of code at 8 and started building websites at 16.
  • My first IT job was a Help Desk job at an ISP called Netspace. Everyone used to get it confused with Netscape.
  • The first eCommerce job I had was working in a language called Python, on a custom in-house framework.
  • I had the opportunity of working with some major worldwide brands while working with various Digital Agencies around Melbourne.
  • Which is also where I felt that the Digital Agency ecosystem is quite inefficient.
  • I’m a 4 x Magento Certified Developer and an Amazon Web Services certified Solution Architect.
  • I’ve forever wanted to be an entrepreneur. I am proud to say I have left the 9 to 5 (for good I hope) in December 2016, and I’m looking forward to an awesome 2017!

Over the course of my career, I’ve had the experience of working with brands such as: