Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Melbourne

I’m Francis Kim and I’m a certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Architect. I enjoy providing consulting services around Melbourne as I’m able to go on-site, see the clients in person and consult through their needs and requirements.

More often than not, requirements start at a very high-level – for example “I/we want to migrate to AWS”. In some cases, the problem is knee-deep such as intermittent duplicate orders on an online shop. The problem turned out to be an external cause (read: bad settings on CloudFlare), but without an expert, one might keep throwing resources at the issue with no resolution.

Migrating to the cloud, namely Amazon Web Services is definitely the right move to make today. As an Amazon Web Services consultant, I have seen time and time again, local and smaller players in the web hosting space not able to keep up with best security practices and hardware. So many 'managed hosting' businesses get this wrong.

Personally I have been involved in architecting, migrating and development of multiple sites that transact millions of dollars each year, and really, for me to flinch, the site better be doing a billion a year. I took part in the Commonwealth Games 2018 too which was held in Gold Coast.

DevOps is also something smart businesses are betting their money on – I mean, automation is huge everywhere. It doesn’t have to be a bet though; it can be a sure win if you talk to the right person and service provider. The judgement you make on who the right person / service provider is – your skill. A call or a meeting definitely tend to help with that process.

The Novel Coronavirus a.k.a. COVID-19 threat is so real in 2020 and they say the companies that do not have the capability to do remote work will likely fail or at least take a big financial hit. Very true.

If you are a business, small or big, looking at Amazon Web Services for your website, app or Magento / online store, feel free to get in touch now. If you’re in Melbourne we can chat over coffee.

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