Amazon Web Services


Amazon Web Services or AWS as I call it, is definitely, 100%, the best cloud service out there – hands down. Jeff Bezos is a modern day genius. While he was building the world’s biggest bookstore, he already had a vision that the infrastructure that he needed to develop for it, would have a use for millions of others out there. And AWS was born.

I’m a certified AWS Solutions Architect. Fancy term, but I failed it twice – only barely passing on the 3rd attempt. The 3 exams alone cost me a thousand dollars, but I’ve earned much more out of it. Why? Because clients see value in it.

If you have a serious business that needs to scale, migrating to Amazon Web Services is an awesome idea. You can do fancy things like auto-scaling, meaning that your app/store/website will just ‘add more boxes’ automatically when there are more people using it, then automatically scale back down when it’s quiet again.

Security-wise it is also the right choice to make. There are too many managed hosting providers that are shooting themselves in the foot – by actually providing an attack vector to the hackers. I’ve seen one too many hacked sites recently, and I can tell you, if you are on managed web hosting, you should be paranoid. I would be.

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