App Development Course Melbourne

Learn to code anything! I’m putting together a 12-week course and my aim is to teach you how to stand on your own, and be able to create anything you can imagine after going through the 12 classes.

Everything will be approached from a 100% practical point of view – the only requirement is that you bring in your own laptop.

Quick intro about myself, I’ve been a Software Developer since the early 2000s, mainly working with clients in eCommerce. Now I run my own business, serving clients world-wide.

The language in focus will be… JavaScript! Why? Because JavaScript is the most versatile language there is today for the web and apps. Every website you come across will have some kind of JavaScript running on it and not only that, you can use JavaScript to create mobile apps, servers and IoT devices. Even NASA has been known to use JavaScript.

Meteor will be the framework of choice. It’s an isomorphic, JavaScript based framework – isomorphic means you write the same code on the client-side as well as the server-side. And once you write code in Meteor, the same code can be used on a website or a mobile app. I truely believe it is the best and fastest way to create what you want to create. The code will be compatible for both iOS and Android.

At the end of the course, you will have yourself a web app or a mobile app (or both) built on top of your idea. And you will understand how to continue developing it at your own pace, in your own time.

Here is the course outline:

  1. Introductions & Getting Set Up
    • Let’s do a quick intro of ourselves and set up the required tools on your laptop
  2. Getting Started with Meteor – Class 1
    • Let’s run through the to-do app for Meteor at a high level covering HTML and CSS
  3. Getting Started with Meteor – Class 2
    • We will get into the details of the to-do app, and cover how React works
  4. Getting Started with Meteor – Class 3
    • You will learn how to start customising the to-do app, to add an extra feature
  5. Let’s build an app! Class 1
    • Bring your own idea! We’ll start creating an MVP (minimum viable product) version of your app idea
  6. Let’s build an app! Class 2
    • By the end of Class 2 – the UI (User Interface) should be taking shape
  7. Let’s build an app! Class 3
    • Is the app development going the way intended? Is there a need for a pivot?
  8. Let’s build an app! Class 4
    • Focus on backend functionalities, data storage
  9. Let’s build an app! Class 5
    • Improve the app overall, you should be polishing the app by this stage
  10. Let’s build an app! Class 6
    • Let’s fix the bugs and get the app ready for production
  11. Let’s build an app! Class 7
    • We incorporate user feedback, and figure out ways to improve it
  12. How to Keep Learning and Creating on Your Own – Key to Self-Sufficiency
    • A look back at the previous classes, summing it up to plan how you can move forward on your own

The price for this course is $2,700 and is a face-to-face, in-person class. It will be held in Melbourne CBD, in a group no bigger than 3. Each class is 1.5 hours long and will be held after work, aimed at individuals wanting to learn a new skill, looking for a career change, wanting to make some extra money on the side, or looking to be the next tech billionaire 🙂

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