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We all have repetitive tasks that we have to do for work or in life – don’t you hate it? You are probably going to be replaced by a robot in 10-20 years so why not employ one before they take over?

Talk to an an Automation Expert – Francis Kim (that’s me actually). I can pretty much automate every task that happens on the web, whether it’s social media, data mining, eCommerce or a daily scheduled end-to-end testing. Each and every case is unique, finding the exact process you want automated is key, but it’s not always easy to exactly pin it down.

So let’s have a chat, I don’t charge for the initial consultation. Let me hear you out and see if I can free up your time, so that it can be spent on better things – family, leisure or a sweet nap.

Just fill in your email, and I’ll contact you right away 🙂

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