Best Resources to Learn About the SaaS Business

SaaS, or Software-as-a-Service is a type of business model that I'm sure you are used to using at the very least. It normally is a tech company, and involves a monthly recurring payment. Some prime examples would be - Netflix, Spotify, YouTube Premium and so on.

I definitely believe this model to be what every entrepreneur should be striving to create through their startup because, the recurring nature of the subscription model makes your revenue curve very predictable. There's a bunch of SaaS terminology that will help you understand get a more granular picture of the numbers and finances but I'll keep this post pretty high-level for the entry-level people reading, wanting to learn about SaaS.

Here are my very secret sources of information.

Indie Hackers. An amazing community of 'indie hackers' - some are grinding outside of the 9 to 5, some are building their vision full-time. Some have already made it and paying it forward. This perhaps is the single best source for you to really get immersed in the SaaS business scene. Do checkout their podcasts too.

Nathan Latka's YouTube channel. The king of quick-fire, in-your-face SaaS interviews. A genius when it comes to gauging SaaS metrics, and all things SaaS-related. Amazingly smart guy. If we had a SaaS IQ, I don't doubt this guy would be well over 200.

Crunchbase. Kind of like a dictionary or an encyclopaedia when it comes to looking up companies - especially SaaS or tech focussed - to research. I have the Pro membership and it is worth every cent.

#saashacker. They've been kind of quiet recently (I mean Tom) - maybe because it's holiday season. It's a weekly newsletter. Do make sure you subscribe.

I was going to try and include one more - and I could, but I'm not going to force it because it'll dilute the importance of the 4 I've outlined. Happy learning!

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