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While Bitcoin and Ethereum is really validating themselves in the market by hitting all-time highs, the application of blockchain isn’t limited to decentralised digital cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain is the future, and present of digital ledger – in fact, companies are using blockchain for logistics, storing files,┬ávoting, smart contracts such as transfer of ownership, digital assets, authentication, identification and much more. At the core of blockchain┬álies the themes of process integrity, durability, transparency and immutability. In simpler terms, it removes the need for third parties in transactions so transactions are faster, and the costs are lower. Information is stored in a distributed way, sharing it between multiple parties so a dependency on a trusted central server is removed.

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Here’s a list of the potential uses of blockchain that I found very comprehensive from this page.

I. Financial Instruments, Records and Models

  1. Currency
  2. Private equities
  3. Public equities
  4. Bonds
  5. Derivatives (futures, forwards, swaps, options and more complex variations)
  6. Voting rights associated with any of the above
  7. Commodities
  8. Spending records
  9. Trading records
  10. Mortgage / loan records
  11. Servicing records
  12. Crowd-funding
  13. Micro-finance
  14. Micro-charity

II. Public Records

  1. Land titles
  2. Vehicle registries
  3. Business license
  4. Business incorporation / dissolution records
  5. Business ownership records
  6. Regulatory records
  7. Criminal records
  8. Passports
  9. Birth certificates
  10. Death certificates
  11. Voter IDs
  12. Voting
  13. Health / Safety Inspections
  14. Building permits
  15. Gun permits
  16. Forensic evidence
  17. Court records
  18. Voting records
  19. Non-profit records
  20. Government/non-profit accounting/transparency

III. Private Records

  1. Contracts
  2. Signatures
  3. Wills
  4. Trusts
  5. Escrows
  6. GPS trails (personal)

IV. Other Semi-Public Records

  1. Degree
  2. Certifications
  3. Learning Outcomes
  4. Grades
  5. HR records (salary, performance reviews, accomplishment)
  6. Medical records
  7. Accounting records
  8. Business transaction records
  9. Genome data
  10. GPS trails (institutional)
  11. Delivery records
  12. Arbitration

V. Physical Asset Keys

  1. Home / apartment keys
  2. Vacation home / timeshare keys
  3. Hotel room keys
  4. Car keys
  5. Rental car keys
  6. Leased cars keys
  7. Locker keys
  8. Safety deposit box keys
  9. Package delivery (split key between delivery firm and receiver)
  10. Betting records
  11. Fantasy sports records (!)

VI. Intangibles (?)

  1. Coupons
  2. Vouchers
  3. Reservations (restaurants, hotels, queues, etc)
  4. Movie tickets
  5. Patents
  6. Copyrights
  7. Trademarks
  8. Software licenses
  9. Videogame licenses
  10. Music/movie/book licenses (DRM)
  11. Domain names
  12. Online identities
  13. Proof of authorship / Proof of prior art

VI. Other

  1. Documentary records (photos, audio, video)
  2. Data records (sports scores, temperature, etc)
  3. Sim Cards
  4. GPS network identity
  5. Gun unlock codes
  6. Weapons unlock codes
  7. Nuclear launch codes (!)
  8. Spam control (micro-payments for posting)


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