Connect Multiple Teams / Organisations / Domains on Slack

Slack is awesome. We use it at work to boost productivity, and I use it outside of work to reduce productivity and also to liaise with freelance clients. Losing emails where possible is great. No more reading through long messages, you can have a quicker communication loop.

One thing I noticed with Slack is the lack of a cross-organisation / cross-team / cross-domain chat. Actually, the product that made me realise this need is Slackline.

I’ve actually had a good chat with the founder and programmer behind Slackline, and I feel kind of bad because I stopped using it, and have created a kind of an open-source clone of this product. Although it’s not as polished as Slackline, it works.

You need a bit of Node.js knowledge and 2+ Slack bot tokens (the RTM API)  from 2+ domains / teams / organisations to start using it. Basically it turns 1 room into an inter-connected room where users of multiple teams can talk to each other through the RTM API seamlessly. The picture below probably sums it up.

Slack Slime

Slack Slime

That’s 3 users from 3 different teams chatting to each other. It’s called Slack Slime and it is on GitHub and NPM.


  • Craig

    September 16, 2016 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you so much for this. We’ve just set it up to share messages between one of our internal channels and a client team channel. Appreciate the effort!

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