How to Create a Bundled / Intermediate SSL Certificate for Crazy Domains

Because they don’t seem to document this anywhere on their own site, I’m going to have to do it for them.

If you have Nginx, you will need to bundle your SSL certificate because you will run into issues especially on mobile that will say the SSL certificate is invalid such as err_cert_authority_invalid on Chrome on Android.

You should have received a zip file with the certificates in it – they all actually have a use. This is the thread that helped me fix this issue, and it seems the file names are pretty generic – even though it was written for Comodo and, it worked for Crazy Domains (I think USERTrust is a Comodo brand).

Here’s how I did it:



  • Francis Kim

    October 30, 2016 at 10:32 pm

    thanks for that, I’ll just leave your comment here 🙂

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