Digital Agency Melbourne – But Why Would You?

How to pick the right Digital Agency

If you are after some website or newsletter updates, or if you are after some kind of social media or online marketing campaign, chances are you will type in ‘Digital Agency Melbourne’ (replace Melbourne with your city) into Google. There are probably 100 digital agencies in Melbourne doing ridiculous amounts of SEO for ‘Digital Agency Melbourne’ as well, just creating crap on the internet that links back to your/their site, causing cyber pollution that they will be buried alive in one day.

Why would you go to a Digital Agency?

Maybe things have improved since last time I’ve worked with a digital agency – it wasn’t long ago. Maybe 2 years ago. Everyone’s overworked, no one’s really inspired in that environment. Staff churn rates are high, and just check what past employees say about the company on Glassdoor – not uncommon to see 3 positive reviews written in a day, and all other reviews are like 3 months apart. Does that tell you something? If that doesn’t tell you anything, then you are probably an easy prey for them to rip you off.

CEOs are business guys. At least in this generation of digital agencies, they aren’t very technical – generally speaking. They are not coders, they aren’t online marketers. Sure, you don’t need to be a mechanic or an engineer to be a CEO of a car company, but the point is – they are business guys. Money is first, everything else is secondary.

They will outsource your work for 1/20th of the cost and will call it a win if you don’t complain. Be especially careful of agencies with high staff churn rates – there are bound to be cultural issues, and they might pass on a lot of technical debt instead of building you assets. You can easily research this on LinkedIn.

It’s like this current model of a digital agency has inherited all the greedy habits of corporate culture. And it is true. This is how it generally works.

The Digital Agency Project Lifecycle

  1. Sales Person / CEO / Founder overpromises, does an X Factor singing and dancing routine
  2. Everyone is impressed, deal is signed
  3. Project Manager is assigned (intern with 3 weeks of experience, not technical) and project is off to a seemingly good start
  4. Infatuation period is over, project starts showing gaps
  5. Deadline is reached but project seems only half complete
  6. Client is unable to get momentum back on the project despite numerous meetings and warnings
  7. Client is either screwed because they’ve signed a waiver and cannot get the IP of the written code so far without full payment or somehow a compromise is made and client is able to get their hands on the work
  8. Client finds a new Partner / Digital Agency – back to 1.

Not always true, but more often than not – I see this theme play out over and over again.

What’s the alternative?

We live in an age of Personal Branding. I’m an independent professional with scale. I’ve heard phrases like ‘one-man enterprise’ which makes complete sense in this day and age – I believe it’ll be the way going forward, cutting out all the fat. Not just for the Software / IT / Digital and Marketing Agency industries but for all industries.

I source some of the best talent worldwide and I make sure that I nurture the relationship so that everyone can cut through the bullshit and just get the job done. A Nano Digital Agency is what I like to call my business generally and I offer the flexibility of being able to jump on the coding side when need be, while being able to deliver unparalleled scalability through my network. Get in touch today to discuss! 

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