Dropping out of Computer Science at Sydney University

I tried Uni, I tried TAFE. I did try, and I couldn’t get myself interested enough to complete it. By the way, this goes back to early to mid 2000s – a while ago.

One project I remember was to code an ATM – I could not grasp the idea of object oriented programming, and I struggled with the idea even quite a while afterwards, when I was a working professional in the IT industry. I could actually say, although it is quite embarrassing that my idea of OOP was not solidified until very recently!

YouTube videos did a much better job than tertiary education. Times have changed, and someone random doing a screencast while writing and running code works a whole lot better for me than how they were teaching back in University of Sydney in 2003.

Not having completed a Bachelor, I still have this semi-desire to do some kind of Bachelor’s degree – but I am not sure now is the time. There are some great MBA courses which will recognise your work experience – and this means if I have some Lead Developer role, or a Senior role for over x years, that can count as the pre-requisite – although I do think I need to do a Graduate Diploma first before the MBA. The point is that, I might as well keep working and not worry about tertiary education until I’m closer to 40.

Today, right now, I’d rather be spending my time building the next big SaaS or working for my clients to save up money. I haven’t really been disadvantaged by the lack of a degree so for now, it is on the to-do list. The start-up m(b)illionaire dream is still alive and well at 32! Let’s see what 2016 holds for me.

Code –> Profit!

To you that’s reading, I hope you have a great Christmas and a prosperous 2016!

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