How Writing Made Me Over $100,000

Ok, so that figure is in AUD. Which on 25th of January 2020 converts to 68,285 USD. The funny thing is, English is my second language and I'm not even a writer. I can sure prove though, writing has made me over 100k because it easily breaks down into 2 big buckets.

The first bucket is - getting out of debts, fees or being reimbursed - mainly by complaining. The beauty of keeping everything in writing via email is, you always have a history of exactly what happened in your inbox plus, everyone knows that something in writing is much easier to produce as evidence in the court of law.

I feel like I'm too early to write about this, seeing that I only got out of the debt yesterday - I signed off on it yesterday - but here's what happened. I managed to get out of a business debt a little over 50k without doing any damage to my credit file, business and personal, whatsoever. How did I do it? I wrote and complained to the authorities - a.k.a. the financial ombudsman about a bank's misconduct.

I believe they sensed they really dropped the ball on this one. I was not expecting this outcome at all, but they decided to forgive the entire loan. There's a bit more to the story than this, but I'm not prepared to disclose all my personal stories yet. There's a few other scenarios where I managed to get back a thousand, a few thousand here and there from banks and a telecommunications company.

The second bucket is, actual income. I reference this life event quite a lot throughout my blog writing, which is going #1 on Hacker News for nearly 24 hours. I wrote about web scraping / automation and this got translated to other language(s) and gave my blog a lot of high quality backlinks.

My site started ranking above the big companies especially here in Australia and to this date, since quitting my 9 to 5 at the end of 2016, all of my work has been inbound - meaning I did not have to go out there to find work. I did try outbound, but it actually failed really badly.

So the 100k that I made from writing is actually a very, very low estimate. Do you think I could have survived off 50k since the end of 2016 as a sole earner in the family with a wife and a son? Even 200k seems low.

I feel good about writing. I'm an introvert and I speak my mind a lot better when I'm typing on the keyboard. I'm actually enjoying every keystroke and now, I need to get back to work.

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