I applied to Y Combinator

It's 2:25am as I start writing this post. I just submitted my application to Y Combinator - the Summer 2020 batch. It was a split second decision but one that's probably been brewing for a while unconsciously.

I'm kind of tired -  counting number of videos - I did 20 takes before I got 1 right. I had to upload a 1 minute video of myself. The 20th one wasn't perfect, but it felt right.

Binge-watching the YC YouTube channel made me do this. I'm quite certain. To be honest, in the back of my mind, I always thought YC would be uncool, rigid - like a school of some sort. I was proven wrong. They had some amazing content and I really enjoyed the direct, no bs talks by Michael Seibel. And Sam Altman was awesome too. I really look up to these two guys for their ability to articulate and communicate what is inside their head, verbally. I have a lot to learn and I'm learning.

So what more can I say? I hope I get to the next stage at least. I'm really excited just to have applied for this opportunity and I have butterflies in my stomach - oh, maybe that's my anxiety.

Need to sleep to keep the anxiety at bay.

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