Is Your Start to 2017 Worse Than Mine?

My wife and my 13-month-old son were in Korea 2 months ahead of me. I said goodbye to my 9 to 5 then joined them in early December. My in-laws were hospitable as always – we stayed with them for the duration of the holiday that wasn’t supposed to be a holiday.

Anyway, we came back to Melbourne to find our apartment had been flooded from multiple ceiling and wall leaks.

Basically, the apartment was f***ked. Mould everywhere. We were really looking forward to a rest after a long, 20-hour trip (due to Asiana’s delays etc.) and we couldn’t even put our 13-month son down on the floor where he used to play at.

Luckily my parents live 30 minutes away, so we are taking refuge here for now, sleeping on the baby mats. What’s not pictured is the bed which has a latex mattress which needs to be thrown out and various rugs… not to mention I caught the flu a few days ago – which I’ve 95% recovered from, but now my son seems to have it 😫😵

So hopefully come Monday, body corporate will get back to me. This is obviously a structural fault (ceiling leaks were already reported twice) and I believe at least the flooring should be covered by their insurance.

Oh, and my Samsung Galaxy S7 is under repair too because the screen’s cracked.

How is your start to 2017?

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