Joyent, io.js, Node.js Foundation and Version 4

Here’s a quick overview of what’s happened in the past year in the world of Node.js world – it involves some political matters.

Node.js was invented in 2009 by Ryan Dahl and other developers working at Joyent. Joyent was the sponsor and the steward of Node.js. A conflict came about since Joyent’s mission was to provide a stable environment to appeal to the corporate world, whereas the community and the core developers were about keeping up with V8 and implementing improvements as quickly as possible.

io.js was born in December 2014 as a fork of the Node.js project, and the official reason stated was ‘governance issues’.

Fast forward to 10th February 2015, Joyent announced that it will step down as the steward of the Node.js project – and Node.js Foundation was born.

On 14/09/2015, an announcement was made that io.js and Node.js will be merged back into the same codebase – io.js had taken on semver – or Semantic Versioning and had already progressed to v3, while Node was still on 0.12.9 – and therefore Node.js skipped versions 1-3 and went to v4.

I personally feel that this is the right way forward – stick together or die. The right amount of balance between community needs and corporate needs/appeal is critical here and I believe that is what the community as a whole is working on. I’ve upgraded to Node.js v4 last month and I am enjoying some of the new features, especially around managing processes.

Node.js will continue to gain momentum throughout 2016 and beyond so there’s never been a better time to code JavaScript with Node.js 😉

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