M2E & Magento Issues

M2E Pro is a great free Magento extension allowing Magento users to seamlessly integrate their online shop with their eBay store (once you put in the groundwork of course).

I’ve recently had compatibility issues with Magento CE and the latest M2E Pro version at the time which is/was M2E Pro ver. 6.3.6.

There is a pending post on their forum about this issue. The actual error thrown is column not found and it seems to have something to do with extra quotation marks in the MySQL query that possibly Magento CE implements.

A client of mine had this issue, and until M2E sorts this out, I’ve had to downgrade them to So yes, I’m still looking for a fix to this – and while an official fix or announcement would be good, I’ll post a fix if I come across one.


Apparently this is fixed in M2E Pro 6.3.8! Yay


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