Magento 1 End Of Life / Support Officially Announced

In this blog post, Magento has announced the end of the support period. The last month for Magento 1 support is officially set as June 2020.

Although that seems like a while away, businesses on Magento 1 now need to start seriously thinking about the next steps as a migration to another platform including Magento 2 is – not a simple task. In fact, a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration is almost like building your site from scratch. The only things you retain is the database – your customers, orders, catalog etc.

This means you’ll need to create the theme, develop or find alternatives of the extensions that you have (some extension developers have an upgrade path or at least versions available on both M1 and M2) plus configure all your shipping and payment gateways again.

On the flip-side, this gives businesses a chance to really fix and improve all of the quirks that their current shops may have. The best step forward would be to chat to someone that knows what they’re doing and discuss some high level strategies.

Magento 2 may not even be the best solution for you. It could be Shopify depending on your requirements.

Feel free to book a free consultation session today!

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