Magento 1 Quick Start: LEMP Stack Ubuntu 16.04 (AWS EC2)

Here is a quick start guide on how to get Magento 1 up and running quickly on Ubuntu 16.04, specifically for AWS EC2 – but should work for other hosts as well like Digital Ocean.

Next up, add the PHP 5.6 repository (as Magento 1 doesn’t yet support PHP 7).


The following is my default Nginx config for Ubuntu 16.04. The only difference between Ubuntu 14 and 16 is the .sock file location. Save the following as /etc/nginx/sites-available/ (and obviously change the domain name to suit yours)

Then as per best-practice, alias the file to the /etc/nginx/sites-enabled directory:

Next few steps are:

  • Place your Magento files in /home/ubuntu/
  • Create the database in MySQL / MariaDB
  • If you have an existing site, import the MySQL database and configure app/etc/local.xml¬†otherwise run through the installer

From time to time throughout this guide, you will need to restart your services:

Good luck! Leave any questions in the comments.


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