Meteor Development

Meteor Development

Why Meteor Development is the Future of Apps

Meteor development is perfect for anyone creating applications for the modern era. There are so many different app-building platforms out there; it can be difficult to know which is best. With a bit of understanding, it is easy to see why so many developers use meteor.

Creating a website or an app requires a lot of programming. The programming codes developers use to make applications is basically the language the app is built in. The problem arises because there are many different languages; and each language may be used differently by certain devices.

This is why a website built for the desktop browser looks out of place on a cell phone, for instance.

Normally, developers solve the problem by connecting the dots between the platforms to make them work together more fluidly. This can be a long process, because there can be thousands of lines of written code in each app.

After that it is up to the developer to reconnect the code in a way that makes sense to the new platform. As you can imagine, this takes time, and can be a big hassle to keep maintained as new updates come along.

This is where developing with Meteor comes along.

Meteor uses a single programming language known as JavaScript for all platforms the application will be used on. Using one language between every platform means developing with Meteor is fast. It is perfect for large companies looking to meet deadlines, startups & side businesses, or entrepreneurs trying to get a product on the market quickly.

Meteor code also easily translates to every platform it will be used on. This becomes especially important when we understand that the world is moving towards mobile in a big way. Mobile searches have taken over desktop searches in many fields, and an incompatible mobile version of a site or app scares away this large group of users who demand a convenient way to engage with companies. Using meteor development tools creates a seamless user experience which is enough to justify the switch alone.

This seamless development is also combined with the fact that the Meteor is reactive. The live version of the site needs little upkeep once it is going, as any needed data changes are pushed through Meteor itself. This keeps the developer focusing on new creations instead of repairing or updating their current apps.

Meteor developers also have access to tools from the JavaScript community which are ready to go from the moment it is started up. These tools are kept up to date by the community itself, meaning that real time collaboration happens on meteor apps. This means less worry as a developer or business owner, and more time spent actually engaging your audience.

Here at Francis Kim, we look to take Meteor Development to the next level. Developing with Meteor is a seamless and intuitive way to be sure a site is ready to engage like it should; and we truly believe Meteor is the future of apps. Contact us today to get started on your next digital development project.

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