My First Domain Name Sale on

I sold my domain name - Hustle.College on - just to try it out really, and see what the process is. I was not 1 bit concerned about what I'd fetch on it so I had a $1 USD reserve on it.

My vision for the domain was pretty grand - it would have been a content portal for motivation porn featuring the likes of all the familiar business and motivation coaches you see online, and I'd even include Casey Neistat and Joe Rogan, who aren't your typical motivation mentor type guys but they do carry that message in their content; in fact it's part of the DNA of their content. I think I prefer the subtle sprinkle of motivation versus in your face, old and corny like Tony Robbins.

Anyway, I got sidetracked a bit. I had a logo contest run for the logo for Hustle.College - for $500 USD from 2017. The domain had aged approximately 3 years, so that's also a plus. I'll get to the point - here's the breakdown of how much it cost, and how much I got out of it:

Money spent:

  • Logo contest - $500 USD
  • Domain name renewal for 3 years - $240 USD
  • "Premium" Promotion package including Flippa listing fee - $65 USD

Domain sold for:

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