My Thoughts on Node.js

I’ve recently been playing around with Node.js quite a bit. In my opinion, the major advantage of Node.js is that it allows for super-fast, rapid development. For example, I have created an automatically curated online magazine within a few days. If I had used PHP, I know I would still be stuck in development and if I used .Net, I would have given up by now.



The universe of freely available modules at and GitHub really help. I used a combination of a Node.js RSS feed parser, a Yahoo API (hats off to them for making Content Analysis free), and a few other modules to cook up a working app called Readee. The app actually uses the MEAN stack – more on that and the app in another post.

Take this post as my ‘hello world’ – it’s 11:33PM on a cold night in Melbourne, Australia. Recently the weather had actually gone into the negative degrees (Celsius) around Melbourne – it is getting crazy! I would much rather see sub-zero temperatures out here than to have it linger around 5-15 degrees Celsius though. It’s only a little bit colder, but at least there will be snow like Korea.

I will try to do a few posts each week here. Hopefully I can start gaining some traffic as I make more posts. My wife is watching Tokyo Ghoul (I know nothing about this anime) next to me on her laptop, and there is a nice piano melody playing in the soundtrack, very reminiscent of something that I’ve forgotten about…


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