Neto to Magento Migration

We’ve recently been getting an influx of enquiries about doing a migration from Neto to Magento 2. When asked what the pain points were with Neto, I was able to find out a few common issues that the prospects faced with Neto.

  1. SEO issues. I’ve been told that there were major ranking drops on Google with Neto. I am unsure of the exact reason or cause however some reviews on seem to confirm the validity of this.
  2. Slowness. Page load times are awful at times apparently.
  3. Platform unable to grow with the business. Such is the nature of SaaS eCommerce platforms I guess. At the end of the day, you don’t own the technology powering your eCommerce with SaaS products like Shopify, BigCommerce or Neto.

Is moving to Magento a great idea? Definitely.

It is also extremely important that you select the right developer for the job as it has been proven again and again, not all developers are created equal.

All it takes is a small number of bad developers to give an entire ecosystem a bad name.

I’ve been developing Magento sites since the 2008 beta days and here I am 11 years later with a great team comprised of top Magento Developers.

We always strive to deliver cost efficient solutions that will make you a winner.

We’re based in Melbourne CBD – feel free to contact us to book in a meeting!

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