Rapid Prototyping with JavaScript

I love prototyping. I crave speed. Rapid prototyping has really coined itself as a term that executives and managers love to throw around – and that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing – in fact, it’s exactly how innovation happens.

It’s a bit like going back to Science class in school. What if I tried this? What if I tried that? To me – since I am a coder, making a prototype for my own personal use is almost just like writing down some ideas on a notepad, like how a rapper writes bars, or a classical composer does musical notation.

Recently (read: forever) I’ve been doing a lot of automation in JavaScript. I would start out with an idea for a bot, and do a rapid prototype of it. It doesn’t need a lot of polish because it’s only personally used – I don’t have anyone to impress – so the prototype actually becomes the final product in many cases, and I’ll constantly improve it.

Most times I’ve used Node.js – but when I need a nice front-end, I’ll use Meteor + React or Angular if I foresee a lot of ng-repeats happening etc. I’m sure the framework/library doesn’t matter too much, but the common thing between all the tools that I use is that it is JavaScript.

React Native is something I’ve been eyeing a lot recently and since I have some production React experience plus quite a lot of front-end & hybrid mobile app experience, I should be able to pick it up with not much learning curve. I do wonder how React Native will stack up against Ionic, Cordova or Meteor doing a rapid mobile app prototype because I assume it is less HTML5 + CSS3.

It’s time to take my son out to the GP…

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