What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

I was confused at the naming at first - it sounded like hardware. But Robotic Process Automation has little to do with hardware - it actually means robots or bots that are written with software, which help you out as a digital workforce to get those repetitive tasks done.

Here's an article I came across not long ago. They named themselves RPA Holdings: https://www.smh.com.au/business/companies/the-most-boring-of-office-tasks-made-this-man-502-million-20190220-p50yxf.html

Off the top of my head, the top 3 companies in RPA are:

However this list could change any minute now as RPA is set to undergo explosive growth in 2020 and beyond. Think about it, the industry is recession proof - it is replacing or supplementing human workforces with digital workforces comprised of bots. The RPA SaaS companies and service providers like consultancies are set for the next 20 years I dare say.

Up until now I believe RPA has been only been available to the enterprise level companies but this will soon change too. Most people know about IFTTT or Zapier. Although they don't strictly classify themselves as RPA, I would say they are a part of the RPA industry, or at least a flavour of it.

There are a ton of examples to study about how RPA could save a company big bags of cash - just go to the customer success page of the 3 companies I outlined above:

What I'm trying to do with my career and business is to build a SaaS RPA platform for the web, called 80bots. It's a totally different concept to what the big guys are doing currently. I'll write more about 80bots a bit later in 2020.

Tl;dr - do keep tabs on Robotic Process Automation in 2020 and beyond. People and companies aren't just scraping stuff anymore - they're automating things before and after it, then chaining a bunch of other processes.

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