Running Meteor 1.3 in tmux is Awesome

I’ve recently been having not much luck after the Meteor 1.3 upgrade ( to be exact) with persisting my Meteor app’s running. nohup used to do the trick well, but I was facing issues with the app hanging/quitting without any visible errors.

Then I came across tmux – like screen but apparently more modern and nicer. My app at Skater.Life has been running for days without issues using this – nohup failed me at this pretty consistently.

So all I really had to do was to run tmux then I would go to my Meteor app directory then just run meteor with the settings and flags I need.

After that, I press ctrl + b then d to detach from that session/screen. I can later on, go back into that session/screen by running tmux attach which is pretty awesome.

By the way, trying to run Telescope Nova via PM2 was a big headache – if you know a way, let me know! 🙂

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