Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note 7 Battery Following Reports of Explosion

Translated from an article written in Chosun Ilbo

Samsung has confirmed a Galaxy Note 7 battery recall after claims of explosion.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 released on the 19th of last month, saw a domestic sales number of an estimated 40 million (in Korea). Samsung has suspended supplying the Note 7 to the big 3 telcos in Korea following claims of explosions while charging.

Samsung will offer a free repair in the means of a battery exchange for consumers in Korea. Refunds or exchanges are not possible.

It was reported on YouTube that this case of an exploding battery was seen in the US, and Samsung is planning to offer the same type of compensation abroad. It has been said that the general sentiment among Samsung insiders is that since the cause of the issue has been identified to be a faulty product, their plan is to regain the trust of the consumers through an apology and a recall process.

The background of this massive recall is based on the results of an internal investigation, and it has been confirmed that there is a ‘battery failure’. The battery in question is reportedly supplied by a Samsung subsidiary Samsung SDI. A Samsung SDI official said, “we have not received the investigation outcome and we are internally verifying this matter”.

Despite the battery issues, Samsung will push ahead with the Chinese market launch of the Galaxy Note 7 on the 1st of September. Since Samsung is reportedly obtaining the Galaxy Note 7 battery supply from multiple business partners for their Chinese model, it is said to have no impact on the Chinese market launch.

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