Screw the 9 to 5 – Month 1

It’s been a pretty busy 1st month after leaving my 9 to 5.
Lots of little photos

Although people tell me it’s expensive @ $825 a month for a dedicated external desk, I’m enjoying working at Hub Melbourne a lot. I’m right next to the window, there is a lot of natural light. I’m content. 🙃

UberEATS has been pretty good as well so far. I’ve ordered twice and the 2nd time I ordered from a section called ‘under 30 minutes’ – the order took 45 minutes to arrive. I complained via the app, and I got all of the money back – $21 for a Crispy Chicken Burger with Chips. 1st order (pictured) – I got $10 off for the 1st order, so I paid $7 for a Shredded Chicken Salad – the food was pretty awesome. I’m going to order that one again.

That being said, UberEATS too, is quite expensive at $17-$21 a meal, but it beats eating shitty food (missing working close to China Town) – there just isn’t much good food around Southern Cross station – although I’ve found there is a Don Don nearby. UberEATS has a nice selection of healthy foods.

Come to think of it, I guess I’m a top line guy. I don’t care much too much for expenses. I know I can grow the top line to cover for it.

I’m thinking about also signing up for Wilson Parking @ Southern Cross. 24/7 access with unlimited entry for $385 a month – not too bad I think.

Here are the stats for January 2017:

Month 1: January 2017

Revenue $11,361
Billable Hours 73.25
Active Projects 7
Meetings 12
Time on Phone 168 minutes
Qualified Leads 7

Next month, I’d like to do 20k+ revenue.


  • IAMPetro

    February 16, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Francis, I can definitely see that you are 110% committed to the hustle life!

    Looking forward to seeing your business grow from strength to strength this year.

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