Tech Startup Consulting in Melbourne (or Sydney)

First off I’m going to have to convince you and myself, why I am qualified to write on this topic of tech startup consulting.

I’ve been a geek all my life, growing up with computers in a family where my dad was an IBM Engineer.

Like all or most kids, I always wanted to do big things when I grow up. But I think I wanted this more than some others.

Fast forward to recent times, I built up an income stream outside of the 9 to 5 to a point where it could afford basic living needs – this was through freelance web development.

I’m a very fortunate person. I’ve been lucky enough to get connected to the right people at the right times. Of course, I’ve had my ups and downs in my professional career of close to 15 years; but I was able to land some decent clients and projects like helping out with AWS infrastructure and building multiple apps for the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Besides that I’ve got a whole heap of Enterprise-level eCommerce Development experience through working with many award winning agencies around Melbourne, as a contractor and as a permanent, fullstack developer.

I proudly own equity in 4 startups. 2 of them mine, as majority shareholder and the other 2, I own a small piece of the startup.

I’ve shipped a half dozen free apps / digital products on Product Hunt – just to fulfill my curiosity and to test the waters. I got featured on the site a few times and even scored #2 Product of Day.

One blog post I wrote on this site about web automation was ranking #1 on Hacker News (run by Y Combinator) for about 24 hours. There was a huge, active discussion on that post for a while.

I help numerous eCommerce businesses generate revenue – they’re my main clientele. I occasionally consult – generally around Amazon Web Services, Blockchain or AI.

I think my edge is understanding just enough to make sense to an everyday person and applying creativity on top to come up with some brilliant ideas from time to time.

Specialising in something is great, but being a tech generalist is paying dividends.

So if you’re still reading this and would like to chat to a tech consultant that’s based in Melbourne and happy to travel to Sydney, Perth or Adelaide (sorry I don’t do Brisbane or Gold Coast – jokes) – do reach out and we can have an initial, no obligation chat.

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