The Australian IT Job Market

I said I’ll try to post a few times a week about 30 minutes ago and here I am, already on my second post. Being a contractor since early 2013, I am always active in looking for what’s on the IT market. I’ll focus on what I know about here.

What I’m sensing recently in the Australian IT market is that – and this is purely gut-feel – the number of PHP jobs has stalled, possibly even on the decrease. I am seeing more and more .Net and Java – or has it always been the case? I don’t know those two languages as well as I should so I won’t go into detail.

The Aussie IT job market in 2015

Javascript is definitely doing well. AngularJS seems really hot at the moment, as well as the number of Node.js and even MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, AngularJS & Node.js) jobs seem to be on the rise as well. Javascript specialists in this regard seem to be able to fetch $500-$800+ per day on a contract rate, and Sydney does tend to pay more than any other city. I figure having had enough PHP (especially Magento), HTML5, CSS3 experience, I will now start specialising in Javascript.

On the Cordova/PhoneGap front, I thought there would be a lot more demand – but there only is a little bit of interest in the market for hybrid apps. It’s kind of sad hybrid mobile apps seem to have gotten itself a bad name, probably from all the noob, bad coding. I am a big fan of Ionic (used to be called Ionic Framework, now shortened to Ionic). There does seem to be a few jobs advertised under Ionic though, which is kind of surprising. I really hope that more companies start seeing the benefits of a well-coded hybrid mobile app.

Overall, I see the Australian IT job market as very healthy – with possibly more demand for high-level workers than the supply, and at the very least, the next 5 years will be a prosperous one for all developers that are keeping up with their studies. Front-end development definitely seem to be trending – with some positions fetching up to a $160k package as a permanent staff.

My word of advice to those entering the IT industry, or wanting to learn more things – learn the MEAN Stack, and learn Ionic.


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