The Case Against Uber

I just missed my flight to Korea from Melbourne. Why? 2 reasons. Asiana Airline stuffed up their check-in information on their email (Google Translated) and because the Uber driver drove like a granny. He didn’t change lanes once when it was clear that other lanes were moving faster. He also stayed well below the speed limit at all times.

So what is the case against Uber here? Uber drivers are not professional drivers. I don’t know about other countries but definitely, in Melbourne, Australia – most were dudes that were doing it as a side hustle.

Taxi drivers on the other hand generally have this deep, insatiable road rage by default, and this generally makes them more aggressive but much more efficient drivers, with better road-sense.

So at the end of the day, a taxi to the airport would have changed the scenario here. I would not have spent $150 on rides to the airport and back, and I would now be on my way to see my nearly-1-year-old son and my wife. The worst part, it’s his birthday in 3 days and I am not sure if I can make it.

If you are in a hurry, I would say get a cab.

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