My Top 8 Mentors for Life, Business and Success

Grant Cardone

I consider this guy the master salesman. He invests heavily into real-estate, and has a digital product called Cardone University that he’s pushing a lot these days. Grant Cardone or GC has a few books out as well – I believe the most well known book is the 10X Rule. I’m sure I’ve listened to the 10X Rule on Blinkist before *goes to check* yes I’ve listened to it.


Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez’s most well-known product to date is probably the 67 Steps. I’ve listened to it, and it is actually pretty awesome, but sometimes feels a little boring. The great part is that he apparently reads a lot of books, he digests them and explains you the core meaning and philosophies behind the classics. He has a good amount of world experience as well. Besides creating a lot of YouTube videos, he also runs a social media company I believe. People think he’s a scam or a fraud – but he is not, I can assure you that.


Jay Z

Probably the rapper with the most longevity right now. And I believe it is because not only he loves to write, and is a great lyricist, he also has a great business mind. I think he made a real genius move with Tidal but that’s just 1 of tens if not hundreds of great decisions he has made. I really can’t look up to guys like P Diddy fka Puff Daddy but Jay Z has enough humility and he comes through as real to me. Ignore all that illuminati crap.


Kanye West

I think I see Kanye West as like a little brother of Jay Z, who tries to follow his steps but ends up doing his own things. Still guided under Jay’s wings, I like the fact that Kanye pushes the boundaries and his work ethic is second to none as I see it. All the fashion stuff he’s been doing is great, but I think he’s also losing a lot of money there. Also that whole Donda thing never really popped but hey, he’s pretty rich.


Gary Vaynerchuk

Everybody probably knows Gary V these days. Very prominent speaker, not afraid to spit the truth and swear words, and has a social media company worth quite a bit called Vaynermedia. I believe it’s worth tens if not hundreds of millions. I do feel like he is becoming a bit of a cliche of himself these days, I appreciate and look up to his hustle but maybe I’ve just viewed too many of his addicting videos. Gary probably makes the best videos, next to Casey Neistat.


Daymond John

I used to have Fubu clothes! How can you not like the CEO of such an awesome, iconic brand who came from nothing. He used to be a waiter from what I hear at a US franchise restaurant and used to work on his clothing brand after his long shifts. Now everyone knows his story through the US version of Shark Tank. I’ve read his book, The Power of Broke. It’s a great book and I recommend it. I listened via Audible and I’d listen to it again if Blinkist released it as audio.


Patrick Bet-David

Probably the newest guy added to this list of mentors. I don’t know too much about his backstory but he has energy like no other guys on this list. Gary V has his own type of energy but this guy is more macho, more business.¬†Valuetainment is the media company and brand Patrick is pushing. I suggest you go to YouTube and check out a few of his videos and subscribe if you like them.


Casey Neistat

Isn’t this guy the #1 vlogger in the world or something? And he also made the app Beme which no one really used, but was acquired (read: acqui-hired) for $25M – awesome. This guy really has systemised his life – runs like 2-3 hours in the morning, has a crazy daily schedule but manages to absorb it all and shine. A real digital hustler and he’s also a great board rider in general – the Boosted longboard for concrete jungle of NYC and seems to snowboard a bit too – probably the coolest guy out of this list.

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