Another day goes by in this COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus / SARS-CoV-2 madness, and I hear another story about an Asian person wearing a mask getting attacked.

The narrative the governments and medical experts in the West want the public to believe is that the mask is no good against the virus. The truth might be they're scared of running out of supply - but that's just my opinion and not a fact.

It may also be that they don't have the manufacturing capability to support their medical experts AND their citizens with masks in a short period of time - so who do they need to go to? Probably China. And that might hurt their ego. Again, this is only my opinion and it might be absolutely false.

Let's demystify the mask. Does it work? Here is what I know about the mask:

1.   It helps suppress the spread of inoculum, both incoming and outgoing.

Interchangeable with 'droplets' for most people (although probably not medically correct)

2.   There are papers published like this one that state that N95 or better masks block the virus with high efficiency and even surgical masks can do a great job depending on the circumstance. It helps.

3.   Countries that have flattened the curve have a widespread mask usage. I'm referring to China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. (Subject for correction).

4.   The mask is used as a social distancing tool. If you approach the mask from this perspective, even paper towel masks will help society. Sometimes we forget to cover our mouth, sometimes the cover is not good enough.

5.   We probably touch our face ~20 times per hour. A mask put on the face will remind us each time we do this unconsciously and also block the touch.

I was quite surprised to see that so many people in Australia discourage the usage of the mask. Is it the fear of the unknown? Or is it because the majority don't have a mask and/or do not known how to get one?

How to get a mask for yourself and the family: just jump on Ali Express. Do your 5 minutes of due diligence and you can get your N95 mask shipped here. Here's one I found earlier and ordered. Here's masks I bought for my 4 year old son although I doubt it is N95 looking at the fit. These are not affiliate links by the way 😑.

I do suppose the moment a Western government admits that the mask is helpful, it's going to spike up the prices all across the globe. And if my hunch is correct, then this may not be desirable all things considered - read: people dying in hospitals.

All I hope for, by the end of this pandemic is that we all improve globally as a society. There's going to be a lot of xenophobic attacks. There's going to be people dying around us. We need to band together and spread the truth, stop being greedy and donate if you can. I've read some heartwarming stories of citizens and companies donating boxes of N95 masks to hospitals. I wish I had built up my wealth to be in a position to do at, but I need to take it a day at a time.

I pray that we can overcome this COVID-19 pandemic as early as possible. To the haters - yes prayers might not do anything, but a prayer is better than no prayer. And a kitchen towel mask is better than no mask.