Web Automation Consultant, Expert, Specialist…?

Web Automation Consulting, Expert, Specialist…? It’s not a household term or a job title but I believe it will be pretty soon.

I guess I possess an addictive personality – actually, that’s not even a guess, I know this for a fact and automating everything around me is definitely my most recent passion.

Automation has not only become the standard in software testing, I use it to do many things. I’ve coded vast amounts of scripts / bots in CasperJS, PhantomJS and in Node.js via Horseman.js etc. – mostly to automate my everyday life.

I could categorise it into:

  • Lead Generation (all sent to my email)
    • Facebook public post search
    • LinkedIn feed parsing
    • Google search for keywords
    • Collecting contacts from LinkedIn, GitHub
    • Legit whitehat SEO!
  • Social Media Automation
    • Posting random quotes
    • Shortening most popular articles with Snip.ly and posting to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
    • Instagram follow, unfollow, likes, commenting
    • Slack chat bots (weather bot, news bot etc.)

Next up might be creating some end-to-end, cloud-based testing for Magento using WebdriverIO and Selenium or, automating creating of cool / inspiring / thought-provoking quote images then posting to Instagram. I imagine I’d have to use adb (Android Debug Bridge) via Docker / VirtualBox for posting to Instagram.

Marketing automation would be pretty awesome too, like you could capture the leads into a CRM such as Salesforce via the Salesforce API.

I love all of this because, each bot / script / code I create, I feel like I’m creating an employee for myself. It’s a real asset that keeps giving back and it’s very low maintenance. Plus I actually get to justify my $200+ a month AWS bill.

If you are looking for some web automation consulting, you should definitely consult an expert / specialist like me. If you’re local I’ll be able to bring my MacBook around to actually show how this all works, and how you can benefit from it. I truely believe all businesses can be 10X more efficient with the right automations in place.

I realise this quickly turned into a pitch but hey, we gotta eat right? – that is what this is all about. Putting it on autopilot and eating well.

Want to chat? Have a question? Feel free to fill in your email below and I’ll get back to you – or you can contact me.

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