WeWork WillWork

Just about everyone's heard about the epic fail of WeWork. By the way, congrats on the founder Adam Neumann for cashing out - he really finessed this one.

I'm a fan of Masayoshi Son. He's of Korean ethnicity like myself, and an immigrant like myself. We both happen to be involved in the same sector called 'Tech' or IT.

It's not because I'm his fan that I think WeWork will turn itself around. But let's think about what the worst could be - losing all of its customers for whatever reason. That could be tragic but how does something like that happen? It won't.

Here's the fact - no one will move out of WeWork because of what has happened with its valuation taking a hit. The 'epic fail' I mention is really an act of SoftBank punishing itself as much as it can by the massive devaluation from - all figures are in USD - $47B to about $12B.

People are quick to jump to conclusions and they'll say SoftBank lost $35 billion dollars pretty much overnight. Except WeWork was worth $17B before the SoftBank investments. So let's take the 3 off the 35 - it's a 5 billion dollar loss as I see it, which they will recover from quicker than you might think.

Strategically I believe they'll focus on getting the Japanese WeWork locations profitable first and roll out those changes world-wide.

Give it a few years and I'm sure we'll see WeWork push past $50B valuation.

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