Who is Ben Baller?

I wrote a similar post on my blog before. Years ago. And it turned out to be one of the highest traffic pages. It turns out that people looking up Ben Baller from Australia was being directed to my blog on Google.

I'm a huge fan of Ben Baller. He's also a Korean like myself for starters, and he has an awesome podcast called Behind the Baller. So what makes him awesome?

  • Ben Baller drops a lot of knowledge on his podcast. He calls it 'game' - which is a common term used in the US. You might not pick this up, but there are lots of gems throughout his podcast, generally to do with life and business.
  • He called the COVID-19 pandemic super early and brought awareness to his listeners world wide. He really researches his topics and gives the listeners, filtered, legitimate information.
  • He blocked me on Instagram. I don't know why, but I hope he unblocks me if he sees this. I'm @franciskim.co on Instagram.
  • He went through a lot of adversity to get to where he is, I'll copy paste his bio from Twitter below.
  • Voted Jeweler Of The Year 2017 • From Minimum Wage to $30M • Top 100 podcast: @benballerpod • co-founder/owner @ifandco@vvspens • Father & Husband.
  • He's as big as a celebrity but is still reachable. He's tweeted me back a few times.

Again, Behind the Baller is a really good podcast to get into. In fact, I'm listening to EP 67 right now with Lauren Tsai.

So I'm hoping this post also gets some traffic to my website. Ben Baller mentioned he now has Google Alerts set up so that he can check out what people are saying about him. I think either Tyler the Creator or A$AP Rocky got him onto that. He's tight with a lot of rappers.

Thanks for reading and I hope you and your family stay healthy through this crazy, crazy, SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 / Novel Coronavirus pandemic. This $hit is going down in history as Ben Baller says.

Ben: just listened to you say you need to brush up on your 한국말. You sure do bro. But you can do it.

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