Working Hard

I'm working really hard these days. Especially the past week or so. I typically start working around 9am or 10am and of course there's a few breaks here and there for family stuff like dropping my son and wife off somewhere, lunch break, driving to the co-working space then I'd still be working past 10PM.

Today, I finished up working at around 11:30PM and now I'm writing this blog which could still be considered working. It is at least something productive I feel.

But it's not really about the number of hours I work. I can feel at the end of the day, how incredible my focus was. Really zoning into do my own tasks and jobs from clients - this has been continuing and it feels great. If I can keep this momentum up for a whole month, a whole quarter, a whole year - I feel like there is nothing I can't achieve.

I was chatting to my best friend today. We're both the same age and I had to ask Google what my age is - we were 36, about to turn 37 this year. 40 will come around super quickly, I know that for sure.

Have you felt like you've hit rock bottom in your life? I certainly have. And I feel like I've climbed up quite far from the rock bottom now. I might even be ground level right now. It feels like the 36 years is the setup. The foundation for me to succeed.

I'll become a multi-millionaire by the age 40 - by the end of 2020. I pray to God that God keep my family safe and that I work hard for my family to make Inforca and 80bots succeed.

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